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Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

Body odor is unpleasant odors caused by bacteria, usually bacteria lodged in the many parts of the body like the armpit. Because underarm pores have a very wide compared with other parts of the body. You need to know the actual sweat can not will cause a bad odor. The odor has been contaminated with the bacteria. So with so more sweat course will be increasingly pungent body odor. Body odor has indeed been proven very disturbing and makes no confidence for everyone. So they use a lot of ways to handle the problem of body odor, body odor problems are actually very easy to overcome the natural way, but before discussing ways to overcome should we know the cause. body odor is usually caused due to dietary factors, hormonal changes, stress, and could be due to genetic factors.

To cope with body odor that most of them are using a wide variety of cosmetic which has the function to eliminate body odor. In addition there are also those who up to consume various types of drugs. How that is done is very dangerous, there are among the safest way to use natural means. Want to know the natural way? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

Betel leaf
Of course you already familiar with natural ingredients this one right? Namely betel leaves. Betel leaves are already very trustworthy powerful to overcome the problem of body odor. This is because the betel leaf has a wide variety of content including folic acid contained in the betel leaves can be useful to overcome the problem of body odor. The way is easy enough of them to provide two pieces of betel leaf, and in cooking by using 2 cups of water. After boiling remove and let stand, hereinafter drink regularly for maximum results.

Lime juice
The natural way that you can use is Elain betel leaf, lime juice can also be beneficial to eliminate body odor. How to use them is also very easy way to fairly easy to give way a little lemon juice with lime envious, then apply on the body that is the source of body odor like the folds of the armpits.

Using Cloves
The next natural ingredients that you can use is to use cloves. Cloves is a spice that is widely used to address and repel insects such as cockroaches. Besides cloves also has the benefit of other woods that can cope with body odor. The way is enough to provide a few grains of pimento after the soak with water and allow it to expand. After that you apply clove immersion water on when you, other than that if you want to drink water immersion. To get the most done in this way on a regular basis.

The last natural ingredients that can help eliminate body odor is to use cucumber. The way is easy that is only by providing one cucumber after the split and rub on your armpits after each shower. If this can be done by regularly eating will create better results.

That's a little how to eliminate body odor naturally that you might try to overcome your body odor problem. good luck!
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